Meaning behind the mermaid:   

Her name is Amitaf and she is what Mickey Mouse is to Disney or what Medusa is to Versace ... only difference is that she is the face of Navajo Mermaid. Basically, her name originates from ancient Greek Mythology and according to legend Amitaf was the goddess of all the mermaids in the sea. There is not much written about her other than she was considered to be the most beautiful of all the other mermaids and apprentice of the Sea Goddess Amphitrite. Navajo Mermaid's portrait of Amitaf’s overall appearance will dynamically manifest interchangeably between many different races as well as she will shift between her mermaid and human form. This is because Amitaf represents more than a figure of symbolism rather she exemplifies the beauty that is found within each of ourselves and the allurement of enchanting things from which we don’t understand. She is a liminal character that embodies what it is to be natural. Her spirit also identifies with the importance of culture and community that exists within it. Finally, with that being said she does not abide to society and the laws of man rather she is marginal, in that she pays tribute to the social outcasts within it, ostracized for being herself and who she is and because of this she bears light on what was which once forgotten.

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