Designer Profile: 

Cody Christopher Matthieu is the founder and owner of Navajo Mermaid Arizona. Born in Flagstaff, raised in Phoenix, Cody has learned to grow and appreciate the state in which he loves the most! Recently, he graduated at the top of his class at Arizona State University with a bachelor’s degree from the newly founded College of Interdisciplinary Sciences & Arts. This school was unique for it allowed him to double major in both Business Entrepreneurship as well as Design Studies and emphasize those two passions into a one single core subject of fashion design! This sounds all fine and dandy however, Cody had to learn the hard way for he switch his major a total of 3 times before he realized he had a true natural gift and appreciation for all things fashion related.   

As strange as it may seem, Cody claims that he didn’t just accidentally find fashion for fashion found him. One day after three years of being just another lost soul in college and working two full time, he figured that he would give school one last go. Then after, he spent the next four years learning each and every technicality of what it means to be a professional in the textile/ garment industry. Before this, he only really only knew of fashion from just by working around clothes in retail where he was a visual merchandiser, promoter, and buyer of streetwear from brand representatives (such as Stussy and 10 Deep) straight from their catalogs at a store called New World Culture. 

After emerging himself into all thing fashion he essentially found himself starting his own brand called Navajo Mermaid, where he started marketing the clothes he made to all his classmates. Something that was first a hobby took off into more complex and because he had so much love for what he did, he found himself through the clothes he made. Instead of sleeping for weeks at a time, he it upon took himself to source fabrics through a multitude of different manufactures, then building upon those relationships personably until one day he was finally able to start sending them his own patterns. He would do this every single night, until one day he realized that he had finally reached an outcome that was far greater than he himself could even ever imagine and that was his own brand. Out of passion and love, he found compassion and through that he was able to grow his demand through word of mouth and more importantly develop his own identity through the clothes he produced! Since the beginning, each season has basically built upon the last and in retrospect he discover that this blueprint is what is needed to build a working foundation for emerging fashion brands of our modern day era.   

Cody realized this to be true so much that he used this very principle to help him write his senior thesis paper. Moreover, after acing the paper he then rewrote the entire theoretical 50-page manuscript again, adding 30 more pages, and in the process his final paper manifested itself into an 80-page book. He made it a book so that it read as a guide to help other inspiring emerging designers like himself that are getting initiated into the game of fashion; which inherently an industry that is already innately oversaturated. Moreover, he used the book as a platform to express his entire experience as a fashion student and how he would interpret fashion from an interdisciplinary entrepreneurial point of view.  

Thus, the book’s was titled, “The Occult vs. Fashion, The Path Success.” It was bestowed that name because if you breakdown the word Occult, it shows that it derives from the Latin word occultus “clandestine” which means hidden secret or knowledge of the hidden. This makes since for he basically sums up his entire understanding of his degrees through key points conveyed throughout chapters of his novel. Since graduation he self- published his book onto Amazon and iTunes and found that he had enough content to write three more books of all different types all relating to fashion design/ all the while ramping up the industry.   

Currently, Cody was selected to do a Ted talk and work with Phoenix Fashion Week as well as British Vogue! Now, for the first time in history he has the time to finally explain himself and what Navajo Mermaid represents! Never before has he ever been more empowered and because of his resilience, firey passion, and hunger he is making a name for himself in an ethical way. Cody has been conditioned to win and will defy all obstacles in his way until Navajo Mermaid is in every luxury store all across the world. Please support him on his journey and just trust that your monetary support is going straight back into Arizona's very own local fashion community to help further grow other brands and go getters make it to the top! 


Meaning behind the mermaids:   

Her name is Amitaf and she is what Mickey Mouse is to Disney or what Medusa is to Versace ... only difference is that she is the face of Navajo Mermaid. Basically, her name originates from ancient Greek Mythology and according to legend Amitaf was the goddess of all the mermaids in the sea. There is not much written about her other than she was considered to be the most beautiful of all the other mermaids and apprentice of the Sea Goddess Amphitrite. Navajo Mermaid's portrait of Amitaf’s overall appearance will dynamically manifest interchangeably between many different races as well as she will shift between her mermaid and human form. This is because Amitaf represents more than a figure of symbolism rather she exemplifies the beauty that is found within each of ourselves and the allurement of enchanting things from which we don’t understand. She is a liminal character that embodies what it is to be natural. Her spirit also identifies with the importance of culture and community that exists within it. Finally, with that being said she does not abide to society and the laws of man rather she is marginal, in that she pays tribute to the social outcasts within it, ostracized for being herself and who she is and because of this she bears light on what was which once forgotten.

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